Personal Projects


TwitWords is a Python 3.5 web app (work in progress) hosted on a Digital Ocean Droplet. Configured in AWS Route 53 to be a sub-domain pointing at an external server. The App is built with Flask/Dash, Natural Language Took Kit and the Twitter API/ library (Tweepy). The VPS on Digital Ocean uses Nginx as a web server and and Gunicorn as a WSGI.  

This is a currently live, but I’ve also begun work on exposing the functionality as an API using vanilla Flask. My current goal is to be able to make an API call to my python script, using an HTML CSS and JS front end. 

Flash Cards

This is a Flash Cards web app, built using HTML CSS and JS (With bootstrap and Jquery). It currently has no database but has functionality in the browser.

TwitWords HTML CSS JS front end

Planning on using this front end page to display data from the python API I’m working on (TwitWords)

LED Charactartistics Comparator

Started working on a tool that will compare characteristics of different LED chips. It’s currently not much (CSS is only present to assist with logic development at the moment)  

So far I’ve used vanilla JS to dynamically fill two table fields in the HTML file with LED information stored as arrays in an object. I’d like to eventually automate the data-gathering with fetch using Digikeys API.