VueJS Basics (Install, Template Syntax and Instance)

Using Vue on Windows Vue JS can be installed with several package managers. I installed node and npm with a windows package manager with eventual success. The only reason I’m even making note of this is because I had difficulty using the frequently recommended method of starting a Vue application. Install with chocolatey (terminal, this … Read moreVueJS Basics (Install, Template Syntax and Instance)

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript JavaScript is a programming/scripting language that that is behind almost all complex webpages. Any time you see a non-static webpage, you can almost bet that JavaScript is involved. It allows for dynamic content updates, multimedia control, animated images and much more. Javascript is a way for web developers to implement common programming language features … Read moreJavaScript Basics

Python && JavaScript – A comparison of syntax

Python and JS      I decided it would help cement my understanding of both languages if I were to compare their syntax and functionality. While attempting to learn more about web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I found a lot of similarities and also stumbled upon a few things that I didn’t understand … Read morePython && JavaScript – A comparison of syntax

Bootstrap Basics

Bootstrap     Bootstrap is the most popular free, open source HTML, CSS and Javascript framework. It was developed by twitter for quickly creating responsive web applications. It provides design templates for common user interface components like buttons, dropdowns, forms, tables, navigation etc. You can use it with any web application built with any server-side … Read moreBootstrap Basics

Deploying a Python webapp with Nginx, Gunicorn and Flask

Setting up a stack     So I’ve decided to begin developing some sort of web application. Not sure exactly what yet, but would like to get the server set up out of the way. Ive looked over a few possible solutions such as a server(less) LAMP stack, niche hosts such as pythonanywhere and heroku.     … Read moreDeploying a Python webapp with Nginx, Gunicorn and Flask